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I use Powerquotes Plus with my Life Skills class and the kids absolutely love them. They say that they really make them think about who they are and how they treat others. I am seeing some remarkable changes in their attitudes toward others as a result!

Kris Sandwell

On my discovery of your web site (questions to ponder) I now have the opportunity to get to know who I am and what my beliefs are; as compared to who will I be in any given situation or for whom. Thanks again for providing the tools to allow me to have more insight into who I really am. I will share this site with others.


I look forward to the message each day - and so many times it is just what I need to "make my day". Thanks, Kevin!

Pat Miller

(Powerquotes 5.140 - Learning) I sent yesterday's to everyone I know. It was beautiful. Thanks so much for what you do.

Bob Lipscomb

I love it and whenever I boot up my computer the quote of the day is the FIRST thing I make sure is up and running and that the wallpaper is updated. Thanks a million for running such a great program!!!


I actually find this email one of the best things that happens in my day.

Judi Putnam

Just a thank you to let you know how much I appreciate your daily Powerquotes. I not only enjoy reading them, but I add them to the quotes I give my ninth grade students every day. I especially like the provocative questions that follow. Make for great discussions or writings! Keep up the terrific work!


I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the great work you have done to find these great quotes.


I enjoy these quotes very much. As a teacher, I would occasionally put the quote up for a journal entry to start the day.


I have enjoyed your powerquotes and benefited from it greatly. Keep up the good work. Best regards,

k h sim

Love your power quotes - they do a body, mind, heart and soul good!


Every day I look forward to seeing what good stuff you have selected for my amusement, edification, provocation of thought, or whatever happens. I am never disappointed in Powerquotes...it feeds me every day, and very often in such a timely fashion it can be scary!


I am a sales manager and when I send out a meeting agenda or team email I include a powerquote as a PS. I think they are very helpful in motivating a team as well as the individual. Thank you


Most letters are too lengthy. I get about 65 emails a day and don't have time for stuff I don't need. I tip my tamoshanter to you for your brevity and your content. Thanks for your service.


A million thanks and more for starting my day with "Power Quotes". I have several motivational messages sent to me daily, but "Powerquotes" is by far my favorite. It is direct, thought provoking and "food for thought" for the day. I almost always write them down, as many times they inspire ideas I use in my business! Again thanks!!!


I appreciate and enjoy getting Powerquotes. Thank you.


Thanks for the quotes, great way to start my day.

Just wanted you to know you have a loyal group of followers here. I get your quotes regularly and send them on to a mailing list I have labeled "courage". Courage? Courage to grow, courage to be different, courage to fight discourage. We are the courageous and you help us with our day.


I am going through some rough times and your Powerquotes have made a huge, positive difference in my life. I can't wait to read my email each day so I can read the quote, and then I write it in my journal and write what it meant to me.


I have been considering completing my college degree for many years and never got around to it. After reading this message, which I have saved, I returned to school and will graduate next November. Thanks for your forum, its great!!


Powerquotes were recommended to me by a friend and having spent time this evening looking through your archive I have already learned so much. I very much look forward to continued inspiration. Thank you.

Richard Jones

I enjoy getting my Powerquote email every morning, it's something I look forward to. I have started a book of all the quotes I enjoy and find to be inspiring. So now I have a great collection of quotes that I can pass on to my friends when they need a little encouragement! And I love to look through it every once in awhile just to read them and feel good that great things can happen in my life. Thanks!


Thanks Kevin. Can't start my day without your Powerquotes, and save many of them for various purposes. A happy and a healthy to you too!


I work in a high paced, high tech business and am dealing with a remarriage and blending 2 families. I have enjoyed this site at work so much over the last year or so that I wanted to receive it at home as well. I print these and post them at work in visible places so others can share them as well as I share from your site. The positive note of your site is a thing I look forward to daily and miss when I don't see it.


I really LOVE your quotes and forward them all the time.


I like your site, because there are some things I have a hard time talking to anyone about and some of the quotes really hit home for me. I really enjoy it very much. Thank you.


Kevin, Thanks for all you do to provide this service. I find it very inspiring to each day have a thought provoking quote to contemplate.


I enjoy your quotes each morning. These ideas give my whole day a lift towards more positive problem solving. Thank you.


what timing that quote had! I am going through a big change in every aspect of my life! Thanks!

Harry & Monica Sawdaye

Thank you for these wonderful daily insights and inspirations. In the last two years, I have subscribed to a number of inspirational e-newsletters, most of which are too long and more demanding than I have the time to devote. Most have fallen into my unsubscribe or to read later categories. But Powerquotes has become a good daily habit. Thank you !!!

Ann Taylor

Thanks for the Powerquotes every day - I turn them into my daily screensaver and it sure keeps everyone else in the office pondering!

Kelley Aldridge Training Manager

I would put everyone I have email for on this mailing list.

Maryanne Wilson

I enjoy your daily emails with the quotes and points to ponder. They really provide food for thought & I can honestly say that I have taken some of them to heart and they have made a positive improvement in my daily life.

Sincerely, Frank Cauraugh

Kevin , just a quick note saying how much I enjoy these quotes and put them to work in my life. The one today really hits home. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thank you so much for a year of sharing, provoked thoughts, inspiration, chuckles and occasional furrowed brows. Reading your quotes is like finding a friend's greeting each morning.


Love your newsletter and look forward to it every day. Keeps me going! Have forwarded many quotes to friends. Thanks,

Susan Dopson

Thank you again for the "gift" you share with me on a daily basis . . .


In response to the request for feedback due to my unsubscribing, I'm happy to say that I'm really NOT unsubscribing, but rather I had my old e-mail address deleted and have already resubscribed by signing up with my new e-mail address. I really enjoy the Powerquotes. They are thought provoking and also fun and uplifting. Keep it up! Thanks,


I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful daily messages. They have meant a lot to me and I have forwarded many of my favorites to friends. I'm sure many of them have subscribed also. A happy subscriber,

June Gauntley

Dear Kevin,

I know that you don't know who I am, but I just wanted to tell you that I look forward to getting the daily e-mail from you and your company. not only are the quotes hard-hitting but so are the two or three questions after. I keep a diary and those questions really help me write .



Thanks, your quotes and questions set up my day!!


I just wanted to thank you for your awesome quotes and questions to ponder. I use them all the time and send them to people who work on themselves (and some to people who are thinking about working on themselves!). Just wanted to let you know that you make a difference in someone else's life.


I enjoy your quotes most of the time and have taken to using some of them on a common whiteboard in our office. I was in later today due to some personal appointments and was taken to task for not leaving today's quote for someone else to write on the board!!! Thanks!


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